Irem Bekter

When the versatile jazz pianist David Ryshpan and the guitarist Pablo Bonacina crossed paths with Irem Bekter, a vibrant new sound was born.

Irem was born in Turkey, studied voice and dance in England and had an artistic career spanning more than 20 years in Argentina before coming to Québec, in 2007. This eclectic cultural mix has forged what Alain Brunet of La Presse calls “a Living Heritage”.
Tonight Irem Bekter in trio whisks you to spicy and sultry Argentina and Turkey. A musical exploration to the unique sound of Irem Bekter's voice, a remarkable instrument that mixes both passion and velvety warmth. Original compositions blend modern and traditional rythms that are sometimes urgent and frenetic, sometimes languorous and enticing.
The result is a rhythmic blend of melodies that brings the audience on a seductive and entertaining musical journey. A must for fans of jazz with an exotic twist.

Irem Bekter, vocals
David Ryshpan, piano
Michael Cotnoir, guitar

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