Gentiane MG Trio

Gentiane MG: Piano and compositions
Levi Dover: Double bass
Louis-Vincent Hamel: Drums

Gentiane MG (Michaud-Gagnon) is a young pianist who has been active on the Montreal jazz scene for sereral years. She has performed alongside numerous renowned Canadian jazz musicians such as Jim Doxas, Dave Laing and Frank Lozano. After having performed in several Canadian cities including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec and Rimouski, she will begin to perform internationally with the Gentiane MG Trio in October 2017.

Led by Gentiane MG on piano, the trio, completed by Levi Dover on double bass and Louis-Vincent Hamel on drums, will be releasing its first album in June 2017, titled Eternal Cycle. Featuring seven original compositions, the album is an exploration of contrast in dynamics and expression, as well as in compositional content. The unconventional forms of the pieces lay out a framework which inspires creative freedom. The depth of lyricism in the compositions is met by an equal force of unpredictability and openness, allowing the musicians to express their three personalities, at once unique and complementary.

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